How to create and maintain a solid brand identity

I am a brand.

Can we please meet you?

Hi everyone, my name is Eneh Mercy. I am a branding Strategist, The founder of Tefem network. I work with Deezey Digital.

I’m passionate about helping people and businesses build a solid brand through my designs and teachings.

Branding and brand identity seems to be the latest trend in town.
What is brand identity and branding?

Brand identity is a component of branding. Brand identity is a visual component of a brand that makes your audience identify the brand from others.
Brand Identity is what people see and feel when they get in contact with the brand, While Branding is the process of building a brand, being able to communicate the brand’s message across to its audience, by building it’s strategy and maintaining the brand promise. All these processes are involved in branding .

Is it necessary for one to have a personal brand?
What are the benefits attached to it?

It’s not necessary for you to have your personal brand on the spotlight while growing your business.
If you can, its necessary but not compulsory.
Having a personal brand attached to a business has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

Having a personal brand makes you stand out and connect more with your audience, because people connect with people, so you can use your personal brand as a bridge between your customers/ audience and your market.
If you do that effectively, you will gain trust from your audience and respect, which will turn any visitor to a paying client, because you give value.

One of the disadvantages though is, if you happen to spoil your reputation, it will affect your business.

So having a strong personal brand behind your business will create a lasting impression in the mind of your clients or audience because nobody can be you.

The advantage of building a brand is that nobody can really replicate you. So if you can look into yourself and find your uniqueness and use it to build a personal brand, you won’t have too many people to compete with, and you will stand the chance to have a voice in the world.

Is it compulsory to have a niche in one’s brand?
Some people seem to be good at everything, hence, they are having a ‘thing’ with settling for just one thing. How can one deal with this kind of situation?

It is important and necessary to have a niche in one’s brand. Mastery pays, when you are known for something, you will always see people that will refer you to someone.
When you have a niche, you will see that you will be more concentrated on what you do and how you use your time.
So, I’ll say it’s necessary to have a niche in what you’re doing. But for people who seem to be good at everything, look deeper, there’s something you are just so good at.
Lately, it’s all looking like everyone is multitalented. I’ve been seeing people say I can do this and that, and that is because there’s nothing you cannot do, once you lay your heart and mind to it, you end up doing it. Now, the solution is, try many things out.
During my own time, I told people I tried a lot of things and I was doing it then, to solve problems and to help people.
So just try so many skills out and note which of them will work well for you.
Don’t just jump in and start choosing a niche.

Uniqueness is bringing your own voice out.

Before I went into the media, I went into different aspects, before I concluded that I wanted to be in there. The funny thing is that I can switch to something else. I’m a flexible person. So, don’t just niche out and stay there if it’s not working.
Nobody really cares about the whole process, just bring out the very befitting result.

How can one create and maintain a unique voice and tone in creating contents?

Let me talk about this from how it has worked for me. The one and only way of creating a unique content is bringing your own voice out. So how can you create and maintain a unique voice?
I believe every brand has a story. I am a brand and I have a story, I have to communicate to the world. And there is one thing for sure, my story can never be yours.

Everybody has a story. So, if you can understand your own brand story, then you’ll be able to create content that is connected to your brand story and to make your own content have a unique voice.

No matter how I tell my story, nobody can tell it better, because I was the one who experienced it. So, every brand has a story.

Talking about content, what is content in itself?
Content is the thing that educates, entertains or inspires people. Look for the story behind your brand and try to use it to coin something, create content from it. In that way, nobody will be able to replicate your story or your content because it is unique and it is just you.

How do you grow and maintain online visibility?

There are two ways you can go about this;
Firstly, one can always have a social media manager. The social media manager will help you to organize and plan out your online contents. The social media manager is trained to understand how the algorithm of social media networks works. So, you can hire a social media manager to help you grow your online visibility. But If you are a small business owner and you want to start yours, try always to be consistent, once you are consistent and you are yourself and not trying to be someone else and you have a purpose for doing what you do which you’re sure creates value, you will always maintain an online visibility people will engage with, and it will give you more to continue. So, note these three things for online visibility; consistency, create value and be yourself.

…be yourself.

How does one identify his/her ideal customers?

Okay, let’s site this as an example.

If I’m selling high heel shoes, who are my customers? You must have answered this yourself.
Same applies to if I’m selling laptops, phones, books, pens, crayons, you know who your customers should be.

The truth is you don’t just create a business and start looking for customers, that will be a mistake in the business owner’s part.
The first thing is to look for the problems those customers are facing, after then, create a business around it.

The whole world of marketing is changing, and this time around, you are to go and look for your audience find their problems and then solve it and create a business around it.

Do not just start a business because you feel it’s profitable, start it because you are solving a problem.
If your customer’s problem is that they don’t have good water, electricity, or food where they stay, solve the problem for them and create a business around it.

Be careful if you want to invest and have a very good business. Look for a problem and grow a business around it, don’t start the business because you think it’s profitable. If it’s like a general problem, let’s say graphic design and the likes, people are always in need of them and you can easily identify your customers/clients (companies and the likes) when you see them.

Try to think first about your customers and clients before you start a business.

Start a business that solves a problem.

Is it necessary that one’s personality reflects one’s brand?

It is not necessary.
If it’s a business, then it’s not a must that your business should be all about you. You can have a business that is so different from who you are, it’s okay, if you still want to have a business that replicates who you are, it’s also fine.

Does one have to prepare his/her mind for a competition, even within their unique brand?

Competitions will keep coming. Even if it doesn’t come, compete with who you were yesterday.
Competition is a forever thing.

You need to keep competing with yourself to get better. Competition is a good thing, a good fight. So, if you see competition, don’t run away from it.

As a unique brand, you’ll get the competition in the aspect of people choosing your unique brand over other people’s unique brand. There are always competitions, but you must always show people why they should choose your own unique brand over other’s.
The truth is, everyone has their own audience.

How can brand perception be tested?

It can be tested by getting feedback from friends and customers. You can create a form and send it to people, you can do a business survey, ask useful questions about your brand and what they feel concerning your brand.
Ask random people too what they feel about your brand.

If two to five people say the same thing, then you should work on that thing.

Is your logo as important as your brand? And do you have to use a particular font, colour and a particular way of bringing services to your customers?

Your logo is important, it is the face of your brand. Especially if it’s a business brand.
Just like seeing an ugly girl, she might have a good character but you’ll just attempt to like her later. Logo is always the first impression about your brand. It is important but not the most important in your business.

Your logo is the first impression for people to know about your brand. It creates the first feeling and you know, first impressions always matter.

For using a particular font and colour, yes, that’s branding. You need to have visuals, the same voice— fonts are more like your voice. Every colour has its own psychology and you need to understand the psychological effect of each colour.

Understand why your brand is doing a particular thing, why they use a certain colour. You don’t just mix colours or fonts.

You need to understand the kind of energy your brand is bringing out. You need to know if it’s a Bold, Stylish, San or San serif font you want to be using. All these fonts have their various meanings.

You need to understand what language your brand is bringing so that you’ll know what font and colour to use to really show your brand’s personality.

All these in return form your brand image, but always be consistent with your visuals and identity so you don’t look confused.

What services do you render as a person?

As a person, I help people and businesses build their brand, through my teachings and designs and books – just to mention, I recently wrote a book on how to build a solid brand with applied principles. (I Am A Brand)
Anyone can read it and build theirs, from any level. To get the book, connect with me via this link.

I am a photographer, but I am not too active as a photographer now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t handle the camera.

Final words of admonition

You are awesome! You are worth it! Whatever you set your mind to do, believe me, you can do it. But, always try to build a solid brand because that will be one of your greatest strengths. Build a brand that everybody will envy. A charismatic brand that nobody can replace. There’s nothing you can’t do, once you set your mind on it.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be here.
Also, you can try to get my book ‘I am a brand’. In this book is contained the applicable principles you that can help you build a solid brand.
It’ll officially be released on the 31st of this month, July.
We have gotten a lot of pre-orders already, try and get the book.
You will learn and be able to build a solid brand in a short time.
I wrote the principles that have worked for me and made me build a solid brand and this is my 5th year in this journey and I’m so happy with a lot that I’ve achieved.
Once more, Thank you so much for this opportunity.

I’m a brand.

The Poisonous Thief: My ordeal

It was on a Thursday day evening. I remember what I cooked, it was ‘semo’ (Nigerian swallow) we had vegetables left so we took the swallow with the vegetables.

After cooking, we ate and everyone went to bed. At exactly 2am Friday morning, I had a sound, I woke up and wanted to be sure where the sound was coming from.

After listening for a while there was no sound again, so I laid my head back on the bad. The next sound I heard was in our room! Thief! Not thief, thieves! They were three men.
We were three ladies in the room that night.

In that whole building, we had 2 men. One elderly man and the other one was a boy. The thieves entered and they started requesting for money ‘where is our money?’ they kept shouting.

Where I was that day? I can’t remember what took me to the door that night. When they came in, they took hold of the elderly woman with us, slapped her. She screamed and started to call the name of Jesus.

I was beside her when the beatings started.
I was scared! I ran away from her side and went to the side of my bed, knelt down and covered my head with my covering cloth. I was muttering Jesus’ name under my breath. I couldn’t think straight.

At this point, they faced Fiyin (the third lady) to give them money. She said ‘I only have #500’ she opened her purse and showed them, they collected it. Those guys were not seeing what they were doing well that night, they went out.


Immediately, my self and Fiyin quickly ran to the door and tried to lock it, unfortunately, they had removed all the door locks.
They entered again, this time around, with a touch light in their hands. They took away Fiyin sister’s laptop took all our phones too. (True life experience but fictitious dates and names)

You see, suicide is likened to a poisonous thief! He will creep into one’s life subtly through depression. You won’t even notice. You’ll think it’s a normal thing to be depressed. Just as the way we never read meaning to the first sound we had that night.

At first, you may try to push the door against it just like my self and Fiyin wanted to close the door against the thieves but they forced the door opened. So is suicide. After it has given you a lot of reasons to be sad, then you will finally succumb and it will forcefully open the door of your mind and gain entrance.

When suicide has gained its entrance, it will then start to scare you. It will blind your eyes to any good thing about yourself. You won’t think straight any more. We couldn’t think straight when those thieves came.

So, the deadly side of suicide, stealing. Suicide will steal your joy, career, prospect, purpose, faith, prayers, future, hope and finally, suicide will steal your eternal life and get away with it. It is a poisonous thief.

It will poison your mind against you and everything around you and then take your life, which is the hope of everything.
People commit suicide because they are frustrated, life seems to be hard on them and so they give in to suicide. Ah! Why suicide? It will never help the problem! It complicates it and it sealed up the hope for change or a better life. It will never give you a second chance.

It is better to stay alive and work for a change than to give it up for that poisonous thief.
‘Call unto me all ye that is labour and heavy laden, and I will give you rest…’ says the Lord. He knew we’d have burden but he’s calling us to put it upon him and live! Nobody has the right to take his/her life. That life is God’s. Believing the lies of the heart rather than God’s truth does turn some toward suicide. The situation may be worse but God’s promises are ever true and sure.

Jesus Christ has overcome the world with all its tribulations for us. His love extends to all men who are ready to surrender to him.
Don’t you ever allow that thief to poison your mind and take away your life? You might think it’s a gain and you’d be free. It’s a lie! Suicidal thoughts are lies to make you lose your life eternally. Life is worth living with Jesus in the boat. Don’t end your life. It will make sense after all. Keep trusting!

Download ‘you say’ song by Laurel Daigle. Listen to it over and over and make it sink. You are loved!

My Last Verdict: Corona Awaits Judgement (A Poem)

I stand before the court of consciousness
With quavering fingers, bent thighs,
Chanting a solo of a strange rhythm
Drawn by a strange hand on land,air and
Abiku be gone!
You have made people swim in their tears
You made us weep in pains of hot irons
You are wicked and cruel
You came to us unprepared
And made our nest virus infested!

Yesterday we heard your knock
Tam tmap boom boom
We laughed so hard at the knocker
Opened the door wide and_
Like a curled viper
You feasted and ruled over us
All these without our consent
You separated us from friends and family
Made us lonely with no one to rely on
Unable to reach out as you broke our trust
You left us spell bound
With no one else to run too!

You casted a dark eye on us all
We all at stand still
Waiting for the final judgment made for you
Your shadows still cause trembling
Even against you where we all assemble

Everyone keeps chanting your name for persecution
As the judge bounds you with chloroquine
Searching through the books of law
As a just verdict is yet to be passed


Adetunji Abolade Christopher Ambode a student of the Federal University of Technology Akure studying computer engineering. He is a per time poet.

“There are two important G’s you need in life: God and google. God for revelation and google for information.”

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Considering the fact that comparison and competition have intensified in the past few years with the advent of social media and how we share photos, highlights, achievements, adventures and the likes with one another in a public way. How appropriate should one feel when you see or hear about the success of others? Or when somebody achieve what you have being longing to do.”

I’m Ololade Folorunsho. A student of Human Nutrition, University of Ibadan. I’m also into sewing.

Well it’s normal to be envious or even feel a ting of jealousy
But it should not escalate into something dangerous.
It should be a motivation to actually achieve your own success

I’m Samson Adesewa a student of the Federal University of Technology Akure. I’m studying Agricultural and Environmental Engineering and the CEO of Laundromat.

In my own case I would feel good for them because that’s what i would probably want too 🤷‍

I’m Kelechi Abonyi. Student of Mass Communication, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
I’m interested in questioning long standing rules that have no relevance in modern times and no positive impact in people’s lives.

It all depends on your mindset. Being unreasonably envious of others only affects you negatively.
When you see others succeed, it should not make you feel bad, but prompt you to do better than you are already doing.
And, shouldn’t we want others to succeed too? If we do not,then we probably do not want our society to grow.

My name is Oyetola Paul Kayode
I graduated from The Federal Polytechnic Offa
Where I studied Accounting.
I’m a Teacher, a Counsellor and a Motivational Speaker.

It’s okay to celebrate, to share your achievements and the rests. Truth be told , no matter how spiritual or how greatly you have outgrown envying people’s achievement, there would still be a little traces of it in you. And this is what makes your ear tingle, whenever you hear of people’s success.

At first there is this sad feeling (sort of) the moment you hear somebody’s success story but then, you immediately have a second thought of celebrating them.

Actually, it’s not that you are not happy for them, but somehow, something will just make you feel and act in an unusual way towards them. Aftermath, you start thinking and saying my own time is coming, these are the words we use in getting back the happiness that was initially fading away. You start being positive and say all is well. Things are working for my good and some sorts of positive declarations. Only a non-human would say they don’t feel this way. It might not be an open action but definitely the action runs within.
Thank you.

I’m AanuOluwapo the Assistant Director of FAME Foundation. I’m a post-graduate student at the Department of Philosophy, University of Ibadan where my research focus, is on bioethics.

Comparison and competition are not a recent development I believe, it has always been from the onset of humanity. Going by the events of the bible, we see the issue of comparison and competition evident in the story of Cain and Abel.

Irrespective of our belief system, we are quite conversant with the end result of the story.
There are numerous platforms through which competition and comparison can be expressed of which social media is one of the platforms for them. The social media in this century seems to be the most viable platform where this competitive and comparison spirit can be expressed due to the average time millennials spend there.

It is stated that the millennial and Generation Z individuals spend an average of 2 hours 23 minutes on Social media in a day, which is equivalent to spending about a day on social media every week.
The root cause for this competitive and comparison spirit should be our main concern and not only the platforms in which they are expressed.

I hold the position that root cause can be traced down to human nature itself. As individuals by nature we want to be the best at what we engage in, we want to have the edge, we always want to be better, to improve, to move forward, and to be celebrated and so on. Now, when we see other people, particularly people we know doing what we desire, climbing platforms we long we, it sometimes creates a void in us. I believe it’s not a bad thing to have these feelings, it is normal. It proves that we are human and we all desire what is best for us.

How do we react when faced with such void or negative feelings? How do we condition our minds so as not to be negatively affected by such feelings? How can we be genuinely happy for our friends that progress? These are some of the questions I believe we should focus on.

I believe one of the first steps to overcome such void, is to consciously develop the habit of celebrating those who achieve what we desire. This is not something that comes naturally; it is a habit we must consciously develop. Develop the attitude of consciously celebrating people’s success and achievement; this is one key that has helped me. It is a difficult thing to do but it is something that has kept me going.

Two, as a believer, I believe one should pray to God to compensate for one’s work. It is a painful experience to keep working and then have nothing to show for it, God blessing one with results can also help one to fill that void. Three, contentment is key, we should always have it at the back of our mind that we will always have people better than us and people we are better than.

Also, I believe when posting or sharing our success stories and achievements, our motive is key, We should ask the question, what do I intend to achieve by posting this story? Is it to glorify God or to show myself approved of men? Is it to testify of the goodness of God so it can equip people or we post to just flaunt our results and make others jealous? It is imperative to note that when we share our success stories, we should have it at the back of our mind that it should be to glorify God and build people up. This doesn’t make me take the fact lightly of those individuals that would still feel jealous and insecure, irrespective of our pure motive.

Meet our Special Guest!

HIs name is Olajide Ajibowo. A lawyer, poet, author of Everybody is Born Pregnant and the Co-founder of Ryse Africa.

Take a seat, relax, and enjoy the conversation.

Can we meet you, Sir?

My name is Olajide Ajibowo. I am a lawyer, poet, author of Everybody is Born Pregnant and the Co-founder of Ryse Africa.

How did you set to achieve all of these things?

I believe in the power of process and grittiness. It is this mentality that has pushed me to achieve most of the things I’ve achieved despite many pit falls.

What is your take on inferiority and superiority complex, jealousy, intimidation, comparison and competition? Do they have differences or they are all the same? And at any point, have you ever being through any of these?

Inferiority complex and superiority complex are two opposite words that have negative effect on people. Inferiority complex simply put is when a person thinks and feels lesser compared to other people. Superiority complex on the other hand is when a person feels bigger than people around him.

From the modest definition above, you’d observe that in order not to fall into the complexes, there is a need to strike a balance. And the starting point of this is to understand who you are. Some years ago I was caught up with inferiority complex.

I didn’t think much of myself and the teachers I had growing up did not help either, they often reminded me of how not so brilliant I was. This affected my psych and consequently affected my general output in my life.

How did you deal with all of these?

The first thing is to discover yourself. It Is when a person doesn’t know himself that he can feel inferior or superior more than necessary. Self discovery is traceable to purpose discovery. Thus in order to discover oneself fully, it is important to discover your purpose.

In my book Everybody is Born Pregnant, I taught three ways that purpose can be discovered: 1. Look up 2. Look within 3. Look around you. Look up simply means looking to God who is the manufacturer to inspire you on where to check within to discover your purpose. When you seek the face of God, he shows you within. It is at this point that you begin to consciously discover your talents, the things you enjoy doing, the problems you feel you naturally have a solution to in the world. Lastly, look around you, use what you found within and find your target audience and solve those problems.

Self discovery is a journey and must be taken step by step. Once you finally get to meet yourself, you discover your uniqueness and you’d realize that the greatest person you can ever meet is yourself! And that center of attraction that you look for outside is within.

Secondly, and this is for superiority complex, a professor of mine used to say: “If you know who you are you’ll be careful”. Nobody is self sufficient, and it is with this very important truth that people should treat both the low and the high equally, and this is not just because you’d need the help of both the high and the low, but because “after the game of chess both the king and the pawn will go back to the chess board”.

Is there any time in your life you felt you ain’t doing enough?

Yes. And I believe the moment anybody thinks he is doing enough, that is the moment he stops growing. Never be satisfied with your current position, always strive to be better.

You know what the African giant said “Dangote still dey find money”. This may sound funny but it is true. This should however not affect your joy. That is why your growth process should be guided by your purpose.

Once you have a vision, it’s like a woman in labor, she constantly have birth pangs. She constantly have to push so she can birth her baby, it’s the same with our dreams and career. Appreciate how far you have come, motivate yourself to be better, and the reason shouldn’t be because Mr A is doing better than you but because you have a vision that was birthed by your purpose.

Considering the fact that comparison and competition have intensified in the past few years with the advent of social media and how we share photos, highlights, achievements, adventures and the likes with one another in a public way. How appropriate should one feel when you see or hear about the success of others? Or when somebody achieve what you have being longing to do

It’s funny you asked this question. I recently turned back my read receipt on my WhatsApp, it was off for some months. I realized that gradually my joy was regulated by the amount of people that that viewed my WhatsApp status. And this is true for posting pictures and videos online too. Often when you have a low like you don’t feel adequate enough, or when you have high likes, you feel elated.

So your joy is now being regulated by mostly people you do not even know! Everybody seems to be happy and successful on social media. This is because nobody will ever post themselves on the bed crying or when they are going through depression. Just as you go through life struggles, these successful people go through them too. So to compare yourself is to sell yourself short! If you know who you are you’d be careful. if you know you are a solution to life’s problem you won’t need to compare yourself with another person. You have your own process and you must with patience and grittiness follow it.

Is it okay to feel jealous? If one is, is it okay to admit it?

There’s a funny saying that goes thus: “the moment a mad man knows he is mad, he is getting better”. Jealously in itself isn’t wrong, but at the point it begins to affect your mental health and your peace, then you must draw the line. It is okay to admire what others have, everybody does, the rich are sometimes jealous of the simplicity of the poor, the poor are sometimes jealous of the wealth of the rich.

Admire to the point that you get motivated to be better because your purpose requires you to acquire some of those things not just because your friends or people around have it. Many people pray to be as rich as Dangote, but their purpose doesn’t require that level of wealth for it to be achieved!

Discover what you are destined to do, that will motivate you to chose what you should admire to the point of gaining motivation to get them not lusting after them. When you find yourself jealous, it’s good to admit it, and then take conscious effort to remind yourself of your process and who you are.

At a point in my life, I had to mute a friend’s status because anytime I check, I always ask my self ‘what are you doing with your life? ‘ and I start to feel so bad about myself. What kind of advise will you give to somebody in my shoes?

First of all take yourself out and have a drink or two. Life’s pressures are a lot so it’s important to chill out the pressures. That being said, make an evaluation of your life’s plan (if you don’t have one, make one). How far have you gone in achieving those plans. What are the kind of goals you are setting for yourself, set both long and short time achievable goals, because you see that post might just be what you need to review your goals and plans.

So rather than let your friends success make you feel sad, explore what she is doing that’s making her so successful. Once you make an analysis of how far you have gone, you’d realize that there might be something’s you aren’t doing well enough or you might even have your plans well crafted and working, all you just need is to keep at it till your breakthrough.

Is being intimidated by other people’s success natural?

Feelings are natural, thus intimidation is a feeling. It is important that you are not your feeling. Feelings are information received from your mind about something. Thus in order to change the way you feel about a thing, you need to change your interpretation of how you see that thing.

Intimidation stunts, how can one overcome it?

Change your mindset. Rather than feel intimidated, learn how they cane to achieve what they have achieved, if you can’t ask watch from afar, if you can’t, find a mentor that you can emulate.

There was a time in my life I was intimidated by some of my friends that were scaling up in their spaces. I began to feel I wasn’t adequate enough or doing enough, I realized I was constantly becoming sad over another people’s successes. I had to change my mentality. I began to remind myself who I am, and not just the fact that I’ve been on Tv before, magazines, authored books, but because I’m unique and to feel any less is to insult God and my calling.

Do you think the law of patience or better still the law of one thing at a time could help solve these complex situations?

Yes! Patience and trust in the process is everything. But it is important to know that if you patiently wink in the dark, you be like the one who is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Thus it is important to reach out to people who are in the area you want to see growth in and lean on their shoulders. I have many mentors, some of them are dead, most I’ve never met, some are virtual. This is to show that you don’t necessary need to meet someone physically before you can get information about their life’s journey. One of my mentors would say, There are two important G’s you need in life: God and google. God for revelation and google for information.

Final admonition and advise for everyone looking out to achieve all they have proposed in their mind.

The holy book says: The world is earnestly waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. God has equipped everybody uniquely and divinely to achieve their purpose. So don’t be dismayed. You are only a failure when you fail to lure courage and strength to keep rising when you fall
Thus, while you are waiting make sure you are waiting in the right area and that you are putting effort the right way.

Thank you for your time, Sir.

Thanks for having me.

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